eBridge Internal Drum Trigger Assembly w/Foam OctaCone
6"-18" Snare/Tom eBridge Assortment

eBridge Internal Drum Trigger Assembly w/Foam OctaCone

Price Starting From: $38.00
eBridge's built upon order, include custom requests, ships in 2-4 Business Days
Part Number:EB-OctaCone-
  • Complete with:ultra-durable, 8-sided, conical-shaped OctaCone
  • All Metal Design:Strongest after-market X-Bar Assembly available
  • Drop-in Installation:eBridge mounts directly to existing lug hardware - No Drilling
  • Rubber Isolation Mounts:Significantly dampen cross-trigger vibrations
  • Works with:Acoustic or Mesh Heads (1, 2 & 3-ply)
  • Made in:the U.S.A.

Choose Options

Drum Size
Conical-Styled Foam Cone Substitution [+$7.00]
Dual/Rim Trigger Add-on (Snare & Tom's) [+$11.00]
Dual/Rim Trigger Add-on L-bracket Mounted (Snare & Tom's) [+$16.00]
Upgrade 27mm Piezo to 35mm Size (Snare & Tom's) [+$0.75]
Additional 5" (Head) wire harness length [+$1.25]
Additional Bass Drum Beater Pillow Assembly (2nd total) [+$28.00]
Additional Bass Drum Beater Pillow Assembly (3rd total) [+$28.00]
Optional 1/4" Panel-Mount Jacks help
Standard 1/4" TRS Jack [+$3.50]
Long Stem 1/4" TRS Jack [+$6.00]
Locking 1/4" TRS Jack Black [+$7.00]
Locking 1/4" TRS Jack Silver [+$7.00]
36” Cabled 1/4" TRS Jack External Lug-mount [+$18.36]
Quantity Pricing
  • 5+
  • $36.00
Complete drop-in trigger internal assemblies for DIY acoustic-converted, electronic drums
  • eBridge mounts directly to existing lug hardware - No Drilling - working with standard acoustic drums (wooden, metal and acrylic shells) with an even amount of lugs 
    • on rare occasions, additional lug screw length is needed for mounting
    • on rare occasions, L-bracket needs modification for drums with inner bearing edge reinforcement
  • All Metal Design! eBridge X-Bar is made of heavy-duty forged steel - strongest, most durable after-market X-Bar assembly available
  • Adjustable (lateral-diameter) L-brackets for an exact fit
  • Rubber Isolation Mounts - interface between metal components significantly dampen cross-trigger vibrations between Head and Shell (for optional Rim Trigger Add-on)
  • 27mm Piezo's utilized on 6-18" snare/tom drum diameters & 35mm Piezo's utilized on 14-24" bass drum configurations - 35mm Piezo's available on snare/tom's by custom upgrade
  • Default lead wire length is a minimum of 10-12” from end of eBridge & includes quick-connects for 1/4" jack post connections – additional harness wire length is available by custom upgrade
  • Mono/Single zone is standard - add Dual/Rim Trigger Add-on for stereo/dual zone triggering - Piezo triggers are velocity sensitive - Dual zone installation supports Positional Sensing
  • Piezo/Cone riser assembly is center-drum mounted when built - can be moved off-center and closer towards rim, as desired, to eliminate a centered-drum hot-spot - This slightly effects Dual zone trigger Positional Sensing performance
  • Complete with ultra-durable "8-sided, conical-shaped" OctaCone OR "Conical-Styled" Foam Cone by custom upgrade
  • Works with acoustic or mesh heads (1, 2 & 3-ply).  2 & 3-ply mesh heads provide for optimal trigger performance and best mesh head play-ability experience
  • The Piezo/Cone riser & the Bass Drum Beater Pillow riser are vertically adjustable to fine-tune contact/pressure with drum head
  • Bass Drum Beater Pillow – 5” round, height-adjustable, high quality memory foam pad - included on the 14", 16", 18", 20”, 22” & 24" bass drum versions
  • Installation guide provided via email at time of shipment
    5 Stars
    The verdict is in!
    I decided to turn my Roland TD30 kit into a Hybrid kit. I found a nice drum and purchased all the 3-ply heads and rim condoms to completely transform that acoustic kit. I couldn't decide on the triggers to use, and ended getting a set of Roland RT30s.......figuring that they would trigger best with the TD30 module. After about a month of pretty good performance, I decided to try out these eBridge triggers for the snare and floor tom as they weren't triggering quite as good as I thought they could.......or was used to with the Roland pads. The difference is unbelievable! The Floor tom triggers perfectly and the snare does not miss anything! Ironically the RT30s ended up costing more than the eBridge triggers would have (had I gone that way). At this point I will be outfitting every tom with eBridge triggers(and selling the nearly-new RT30s)
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Brentwood, CA. on 3/30/2018
    5 Stars
    A to E conversion
    just converted a 7 piece pearl decade maple kit to use with the pearl mimic pro module and the eBridge setup is outstanding! triggers great! i especially like the e bridge that i installed on my 20" kick with the beater pillow coupled with a drum tec real feel 3 ply head feels very natural. being that i live close to Mitch was a real privilege to be able to meet and purchase from him in person, a very personable and nice guy to deal with and is very supportive of any questions you may have to complete your needs. i would highly recommend UFO Drums to everyone! Thanks again Mitch.
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from meridian idaho. on 7/17/2017
    5 Stars
    22" Bass Trigger Assembly ROCKS!!
    Bought the 22" trigger assembly to convert my bass drum. It was SUPER easy to install, triggers perfectly with Remo Silent stroke head. I was worried there would be terrible bounce-back like with my awful roland kick pad...but NOPE!! THIS THING IS AWESOME. The big round foam "pillow" you see in the pictures rests right behind the head where your beater strikes and makes it feel SOOOOOO close to a MYLAR kick head. I was pleasantly surprised. I can dig in and kick just like acoustic bass! So happy to have gotten this trigger!!!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Temecula. on 3/29/2017
    5 Stars
    eBridge Trigger Assembly
    I just completed an A2E project on custom acrylic shells using UFO eBridge triggers. I purchased assemblies for an 18" bass drum, two 10" toms and two 12" toms. I upgraded to the conical cones, larger piezos, L-bracket rim triggers and long stem TRS jack. Everything turned out wonderfully. I have the triggers paired with the Pearl Mimic Pro module and couldn't be more satisfied with the response and sensitivity of the triggers. Everything was easy to install and the quick connectors eliminate the need for soldering. Also, the bass drum beater pillow is a brilliant idea. I didn't have to use a pillow to suppress the rebound.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Northern Virginia. on 1/4/2019
    5 Stars
    I did an extensive research on Internal drum triggers from all over the world and learned that there are many good brands out there especially from UK and Germany! U can named them, but an A2E Guru (Derek Frampton) mentioned me this GREAT Brand UFO DRUMS and I decided to give it a try! They are incredible strong like a tank and very well done in every sense! besides that their prices are the best compare to those from Europe and you dont have to deal with those super high shipping prices! On top of that: THEY ARE 100% MADE IN AMERICA! Support our brands! Their customer service is the best!
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Miami. on 4/27/2018

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