International Sales & Shipping

We accept and ship orders to many countries throughout this planet.  Shipping calculations/quotes should function for many countries, but if you aren't sure if we can ship to you or the quoted shipping price seems to high, then please contact us for clarity and to double check the S/H figures.

International packages aren't shipped with any packing invoice or content valuation documents of any kind.  The package label is declared a "Gift" with a minor valuation, limited description details and company name is absent from the label.  We aim to minimize, if not eliminate your country import tax, but we cannot guarantee nor predict what your countries customs office will do.

Many countries are fast and efficient in the delivery of envelopes and packages.  Some countries are not fast and efficient - in fact they take an exorbitant amount of time to deliver.  If you live in one of these countries, you will have to exercise much patience on your countries behalf - envelopes/packages are rarely lost and I will work with you as best I can if a package is lost.

UFODrums has sold & shipped to 58 countries and counting!